Thursday, September 08, 2011

Holes and Halos.

Holes and Halos. By Paul Schiek. TBW Books and the Stephen Wirtz Gallery, 2008. 24pp., illustrated throughout, newsprint, 10,5x14". Limited edition of 2000 copies.

'Holes and Halos' was produced in conjunction with an exhibition featuring work by Paul Schiek at the Thomas Erben Gallery.

It was originally part of the admission to the exhibition as a way of letting the viewer take a piece of the art work with them home.

Description of the 'Holes and Halos' series of work:

"Shot in b/w, the actual making of the images is not as important to Schiek as is their editing and sequencing, which often results in the placement of several images on one sheet.

Viewed together, their installation creates a blanketing effect that runs the spectrum of human emotions.

Recurrent motifs are anthropomorphized trees, physical interactions, water and, generally, the tension between light and dark.

In this language of opposites, Schiek finds the building blocks of a practical truth; a reminder that all life follows the same path: genesis of form then decay, and, in between, seemingly random alternation between isolation and community."


ralph dorey said...

This is quite beautiful, as are many of the other publications you select for this blog. A lot is implicitly conveyed by these selections, however I still can't help but wish there were more comment from the selector. I would just like to know more.

Rare Autumn said...

Hi Ralph, thanks for your comment. I think you have a valid point - I know I can feel like that myself sometimes when I see peoples' sites, that I would like to know more really - but I guess it's also a matter of what one wants something to be. I think very much is indeed conveyed in the selections, and those selections are very personal and reflective of me.