Thursday, October 27, 2011

Of Falling and Floating.

Of Falling and Floating. Photographs by Elijah Gowin. Tin Roof Press, 2011. 132 pp., illustrated throughout, 12,25x11,5". Images from here.

Book description:

" 'Of Falling and Floating', Gowin’s most recent monograph, brings together three series of innovative color photographs.

Combining hand-crafted techniques with the latest digital imagery technology, these grainy and mysterious photographs present the poetic vision of a world balanced between faith and doubt, liberation and doom.

Figures fall through the air, plunge into water and search for balance or rescue.

More recent images are shot directly into the sun and add to this charged landscape of Super 8-like color and distressed dreams.

Historian and critic Lyle Rexer notes in his introduction that 'Imperfections in the scans, variations in the printing, multiply the sense of contingency and deliberately contradict the assumption that the digital age is an age of perfection.' "

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