Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Untitled 1.

Untitled 1. With the poem 'Lullaby' by Rosie Miles. Book by Sara Elgerot / Rare Autumn, 2011. Hand-constructed. 21x15cm. Limited edition of 1 (plus 1 artist's proof).

This book is part of Rosie Miles 'Poetry and Illustration Project', and takes its starting point from her poem 'Lullaby'.

It can be displayed as a book and opened and read as one, but it also has a sculptural quality to it where it can be viewed or displayed as such. Doing so also “lays the poem bare” and leaves the words in a way unprotected (perhaps a braver display of emotions?).

The materials used for the book also reflects a protectiveness of a poem that I felt to be fragile, but also direct and non-cynical.

For example, the paper covering the book boards are the type of tissue paper one uses to protect fragile items when moving. This kind of paper has an interesting quality as it's fragile and rips easily as a single sheet, but folded around an item it becomes sturdy and capable of protecting items that easily breaks.

The book has a sort of utilitarian feel, which I thought was an interesting contrast to its content which could perhaps be viewed as having a more romantic or sentimental tone.

Also see Untitled 2, which was made as an extension of (and to be displayed with) this book.


Jason D Jawando said...

I recently brought an e-book reader from a certain online retailer. I enjoy the convenience of it very much, but this reminds me of why I will always love physical books more.

Rare Autumn said...

Thank you, really appreciate you saying so!