Saturday, November 12, 2011

Le Corbusier, Architect of Books.

Le Corbusier, Architect of Books. By Catherine de Smet. Lars Müller Publishers, 2007. 128pp., illustrated throughout, 24x30cm.

I have for a long time been an appreciator of the work of Le Corbusier, but it's not until now I realised he also had an output as a book artist.

'Le Corbusier, Architect of Books' is a great book that gives you a real idea of what was Le Corbusier's continuous and unfaltering book making process, the importance of this to his other work, as well as the construction and planning of the books themselves.

Book description:

"Le Corbusier’s buildings have long been part of the inalienable canon of twentieth-century architecture. But Le Corbusier’s work as a book designer and author is scarcely known. He planned and realized over 40 books in his lifetime.

'Architect of Books' shows that Le Corbusier accorded great importance to books as an essential part of his output.

Catherine de Smet traces the process by which these books emerged and makes it possible to discover the great construction architect as a book artist."

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