Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Works Walks.

Works Walks. By Magnus Thierfelder. Texts by Marianna Garin, Mathieu Copeland and design by Matilda Plöjel. Sailor press. 128pp., + 32pp., illustrated throughout, 12x16cm.

This is a truly beautifully crafted and thought-out book.

The form and shape of the book is beautiful and cleaver, and that in itself would've gone very far, but what really impressed me with 'Works Walks' is how the content matched this ingenuity.

The content is extensive and you get a real sense of the work of artist Magnus Thierfelder, but what really lifts it is the intersection of text, both in an analytical and visual sense.

It's really a curated exhibition of two halves taking place within the book format.

Book description:

"Magnus Thierfelder’s book 'Works Walks' navigates between associations and connections that unfold within the art works, between them and in the two specially commissioned texts.

The book has two parts; one part 'Works' is an overview of Thierfelders work accompanied by an extensive reflection by Marianna Garin.

'Walks', the other part, shows a selection of the artists sketches - snapshots from the street - with an elaborate essay by Mathieu Copeland that departs from the titles of the art works."

Special edition: includes bookartwork, and is limited to 25 copies, numbered and signed.


Anonymous said...

Pure love!

Rare Autumn said...

It's a great book indeed!