Monday, April 02, 2012


alleverythingthatisyou. By Doug + Mike Starn, with a poem by Vincent Katz. Baldwin Gallery, 2006. 52 pp., illustrated throughout, 9,5x12". Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Book description:

"[T]his catalog brings together images from a portfolio of images of snowflakes, many of them isolated against stark backgrounds that reinforce the intricate structure of the flakes themselves.

Exploring issues of individuality, memory, ephemeral experiences, and on some level the transitory nature of life itself, the Starn twins provide a framework for readers to ponder big questions while considering the tiny jewels of snow preserved in these pages.

Each book is finished with a unique ink-jet cover featuring one of several different images of snowflakes, all of which were printed, taped and numbered at the Starns' studio in Brooklyn, NY."

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