Friday, April 13, 2012


Utkantsliv. For Udkant/On the margins, Doverodde Book Arts Festival 2012. Book by Sara Elgerot / Rare Autumn, 2012. 26pp., illustrated throughout, 20,5x15,5cm.

Book description:

'Utkantsliv' (Swedish for life on the outskirts or life on the margins), is an exploration of an unknown entity for me in my home town of Stockholm - a place now strangely unfamiliar to me after years abroad.

I started discovering these anonymous areas on the outskirts of the city, mainly just houses/housing blocks sprung up in close proximity to public transport. I got very interested in these "hinterlands", their strange, careless mix of nature and industrial elements.

This book is the result of walks through one of these areas. The photographs are purposefully anonymous and up-close, void of people and wider context, a highly personal view and examination of somewhere strangely impersonal and interchangeable.

This book was made for Doverodde Book Arts Festival 2012 (17-21 May 2012) on the theme of Udkant/On the margins. The Book Arts exhibition 'Udkant/On the margins', of which this book is part, will be on until August 5th, 2012.

Materials: photographs printed with inkjet on matte, double-sided, coated paper (175gsm). Hand-folded, hand-trimmed and hand-sewn, with a soft cover.


Anita Elgerot said...

I do love your pictures in "Utkantsliv". They are taking me on a poetic walk.
Anita Elgerot

Rare Autumn said...

Thanks so much :)

Klaus von Mirbach said...

I think, this book comes very near to me, its a pity I canot see the whole book, I will not be in Doverrode, but our two books will see each other.Thank you, best wishes.

Rare Autumn said...

Thank you Klaus! I've been thinking about this book for some time, so it was wonderful to realise it - and in the lovely context of Doverodde Book Arts Festival too...

I'm not able to be there either, but I'm glad our two books will meet :) I couldn't find your book on your blog, curious to see it, do you have a link?

Klaus von Mirbach said...

Rare Autumn, thank you, I had an idea for Doverodde on tour with the bycicle and there were only a few days left to work this book, I made it in a hurry, and I forgot to make pics. It is very pity, the book will stay in Doverodde, and I can have a look at it any more. The fotos you have made for your Doverodde book, did you made them only for Doverodde or is the subject out of margins a continuing doing?

Rare Autumn said...

Oh, that's a shame... Maybe I can see it in Doverodde's Artist Book collection sometime in the future though :)

Well, I've been thinking about the book and taking pictures sporadically in the area for about a year or so. It was the theme of Udkant/On the margins that finally made the book I'd vaguely had in my mind materialise on paper though... so I guess this book is in a way the culmination.
I'll see though, it might become another book too further down the line :)