Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Covers. By Ofer Wolberger. Horses Think Press, 2010. 59pp., illustrated throughout, 21,59x27,94cm. Edition of 50 copies.

I've only just come across the work of artist Ofer Wolberger and his artist book project published under Horses Think Press. I'm pretty eager to see more books in this series...

(If you're in NYC Wolberger's 12th, and concluding, book in the series has its release at Printed Matter this coming Friday).

Book description:

"The original idea was to produce an artist book for every month of a single year. The publishing schedule failed miserably.

The book form itself is rigorously questioned and reconfigured throughout this self-published series of books."

'Covers' is the sixth book in this series of books (The Photographic Book Series).

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