Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mushrooms from the Forest 2011.

Mushrooms from the Forest 2011. By Takashi Homma. Blind Gallery Tokyo, 2011. 288 pp., illustrated throughout, 17x25,5cm. Images from here.

Book description:

"Photographer Takashi Homma takes us on a journey deep into densely wooded areas in search of the many different types of fungus that grow there.

More the collection of a curious wanderer than a serious hobbyist, the unidentified mushrooms are photographed against sterile white backgrounds as if recently plucked from the forest floor, with soil, bark and even small creatures still attached.

The fungal portraits are interspersed with images of the forest itself, as if providing a natural context - a sense of actually being there - with surroundings of lichen covered trees, dense leafage, and the natural interplay of shadow and light."

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