Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Assemblies of Magic.

Assemblies of Magic. By John O'Reilly. Twin Palms Publishers, 2002. 184 pp., illustrated throughout, 10x12". Images from here.

Book description:

" 'Meditations on space, art, war, death and religion merge with the homoerotic in John O’Reilly’s intensely personal photo transformations.

For this artist, montage has proved the richest medium for personal allegory, and the formal and symbolic evolution of O’Reilly’s work corresponds to his own awakening self discovery.

His working methods of cutting and pasting mirror the energy inherent in de-constructing and reconstructing the psyche. Alternately, the physical merging of iconic Others enables their psychic incorporation into the Self.

Over twenty-five years of part-time employment as an art therapist have rendered O’Reilly equally interested in art and psychology and willing to use his deepest obsessions, fetishes, and fears as source material for his tiny assemblies of magic'. - Francine Koslow Miller"

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