Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello Rare Autumn.

Hello Rare Autumn. By Sara Elgerot / Rare Autumn, 2012. 1 original print copy retained by the artist, digital copy for the cover of the Book Arts Newsletter (download the issue here).

Very happy to be the cover artist for this month's Book Arts Newsletter!


"This piece, ‘Hello Rare Autumn’, was made for the Book Arts Newsletter.

It’s, in a way, an amalgam of the starting point for a book I’m in the process of making, probably called ‘little book of hellos’, and a photograph I took of this year’s first proper autumn day.

No filters or Photoshop were used, instead the image was created by experimenting with different printers, emptying and filling up the different printer cartridges until this effect emerged (a one-time deal that can’t really be done again).

The text was printed on tracing paper, reversed and layered on top of the image, which was then scanned."

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