Saturday, June 29, 2013

Distortion, 2013.


"I'm interested in photography as a medium. Its possibility for distortion (conscious or unconscious), people's belief in its truthfulness (or not) and how just a small shift in point of view can unveil a truth that's truer in spirit. I'm also very interested in using computers and printers in an unsophisticated way.

In this piece these two things (two out of many that interests me) have come together. The image was originally a photograph taken out the window, distorted by mistake into an array of muted colours, but with the outlines intact. I've randomly, but systematically, changed the settings for the image – to end up with an image that looks like smudged black watercolour with an outline reminiscent of a book.

This piece was made especially for the Artist's Book Yearbook 2014-1015, but as everything in my mind is a book it will be made into one too (see for more)."

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