Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rest in Peace Malik Bendjelloul

Best of Malik - special on SVT Kobra (culture program) - view here.

Maybe it's growing up with him on Ebba & Didrik, maybe it's truly loving the work he did on the culture show Kobra, maybe it's the honesty that came across during the award circus for Searching for Sugar Man, I'm not really sure, what I do know is that I've been really affected by the death of Malik Bendjelloul.

It does indeed feel like a bright and truthful light has gone too soon. Rest in peace.

Searching for Sugar Man will show as a tribute at Cannes Film Festival on Sunday. SVT (Swedish State TV) will also show the film on Sunday, at 12.55.

Kobra showed a tribute last night (link above and here).

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