Sunday, May 18, 2014

Birds Have Wings.

Birds Have Wings. One Picture Book #77. By Carol E. Richards. Nazraeli Press, 2013. 16 pp., illustrated throughout, 5,5x7,25". With one original print. Images from here.

One Picture Book is an ongoing series of limited edition artists' books published by Nazraeli Press, which I've previously written about here, here and here for example.

The artist is asked to create a book based on one image or series of connected images, from their previous work. The hardcover edition is limited to 500 and contains an original print by the artist.

Book description:

"Having difficulty identifying a particular species of bird through her spotting scope, Carol E. Richards took a photograph through the lens to assist with her research.

The resulting picture turned out to be far more than a tool for verification. It had a mood and visual content the artist was drawn to, and led to the creation of a series of beautiful, dream-like vignettes."

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