Friday, April 23, 2010

Type 55.

Type 55. One Picture Book #20. Photographs by Toshio Shibata. Nazraeli Press, Tucson, 2003. 16 pp., numerous duotone illustrations, 5½x7¼".

One Picture Book is an ongoing series of limited edition artists' books published by Nazraeli Press, which I've previously written about here.

The artist is asked to create a book based on one image or series of connected images, from their previous work. The hardcover edition is limited to 500 and contains an original print by the artist.

In 'Type 55' (One Picture Book #20) Japanese photographer Toshio Shibata , who's known for his large-format photographs of civil engineering projects in unpopulated landscapes, "has selected twelve images from his recent landscape photographs made on Type 55 film, one of which is featured as an original print tipped in to the final page of the book.

The book shows how Shibata has been able to incorporate the character of this particular film into his trademark photographs of the Japanese landscape."
-- publisher's description.

Please note that this book is sold out at Nazraeli Press, but can still be bought at photo-eye.

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