Friday, April 09, 2010

Flowerhead. The Illustrations of Olaf Hajek.

Flowerhead. The Illustrations of Olaf Hajek. Work by Olaf Hajek. Gestalten, 2010. 144pp., full colour illustrations, 24×30 cm. Found via pocko people.

'Flowerhead. The Illustrations of Olaf Hajek' is the first monograph from acclaimed illustrator Olaf Hajek.

It showcases his work for companies, ads and editorials, fashion illustrations, as well as personal art created especially for this book.

"Hajek’s colorful illustrations and textured paintings are infused with a folkloristic naivety and freshness.

Influenced by West African and Latin American art, he creates surreal juxtapositions of fairy tale fantasies and disordered realities.

Whether Hajek dresses angelical cherubs in Mexican wrestler masks or adorns hairstyles with vibrant ecosystems of birds, butterflies, and flowers, his 'magical realism' enriches the perspective of anyone viewing his work."
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You can also see an interview with Olaf Hajek by Gestalten tv/podcast here, and see more of his work at pocko people.

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