Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mobil 100.

Mobil 100. Photographs by Martin Fengel and Bernd Zimmer. Text by Anjar Elcher. Bernd Zimmer/Plant Sueden, Munich, 1999. 116 pp., 200 colour illustrations, 4x6".

The project 'Mobil 100' is an 'exchange between Bernd Zimmer and Martin Fengel' where art works were jointly developed, through separate travel, for 100 days starting on Jan 1, 1999.

"One photographic work and one piece of writing were produced every day in various global locations, using a range of techniques.

In so doing, each artist conceptually devoted each of the hundred days of the joint project to an indirect communicative process that is reflected in the works.

Although the artists occasionally contacted each other during this period, they deliberately avoided exchanging details of the joint project.

Works that were created simultaneously were subsequently framed side by side, and collected in an artist’s book; the design of the catalogue is also based on the form of the artist’s book.

The technique produced some interesting overlaps - the works frequently displayed similarities, whereas on other days there were discrepancies and differences. The title of the series refers to the idea of a global approach that transcends boundaries, both directly and indirectly transforming the images seen in reality into photographic and written works produced on the move."
-- continue reading about this project and book here.

For interest: There is also a review of this book in the photo-eye magazine, which you can read here.

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