Thursday, May 31, 2007

International Magazine of Photography Books

If you love photography books like I do you should definitely check out the photo-eye booklist!

"[The summer edition of the photo-eye Booklist] is filled with essays and reviews of well-crafted, persuasive, influential books, books that inform and educate and inspire. Several master image-makers are honored on our pages: Richard Woodward reviews two new books about Moholy-Nagy, the Hungarian-born visionary, and Larissa Leclair muses on the steady, powerful voice of South African photographer David Goldblatt. We also have several new voices in the magazine: Jen Bekman, a gallerist from New York, has offered her impressions of an impressive show at the Getty, and Jonanna Widner, a respected and rising young writer on music and pop-culture, contributes a piece on photobooks of specific music scenes."

A little word of warning though: we've had a serious amount of trouble getting things delivered from photo-eye or chased when delivery failed. After many months this has now (hopefully) been resolved, but it might be as well to bear in mind...

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