Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Mosquito. By Dan James. 6 x 6 inches. (images from Book By Its Cover).

"This 6×6 inch book is completely wordless and only in one color – red. What a challenge it must have been to make! The drawings are so graphic it takes a second before you realize what’s what in some of them. The characters are all made of abstract shapes, which are interesting in an of themselves, and when built up to form a body, give a lot of personality to the character. I haven’t seen this type of drawing before. It’s so unique. I love how light is used to define space. Shadows help you understand where the horizon is." -- Text Book By Its Cover

I love the restrictions Dan James has put on himself in choosing for the book to be made up of red shapes on white - and how he's carries it off. The geometric shapes that make up the figures and story are interesting in themselves, but the way he's used the negative space in giving the figures and story movement and life is really inspiring!

To read more at Book By Its Cover go here and to find out more about the book's creator go here for Dan James' website.

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