Thursday, February 07, 2008

Magical - work by Catherine Hammerton

Work by Catherine Hammerton - images from

Catherine Hammerton is a Royal College of Art-graduated designer based in London. As she puts it herself her work is defined by its handmade aesthetic, utilising traditional silk screen printing and hand embroidery together with cutting edge digital technology. You can clearly see her intuitive use of techniques, colour and texturing.

Her work is sometimes magical and sometimes fresh and graphic, but always very very beautiful. Her website is also one of the greatest ones around!


miri said...

vad fruktansvärt vackert! alldeles drömskt och vemodigt. så fint.

Rare Autumn said...

visst är det magiskt! skulle nog vara det mest underbara i världen att få ha en sån tapet hemma att förgylla varje liten dag med...