Sunday, February 10, 2008

Muted colours

Images by Martyn Thompson (picture 1 and 2 published in British Vogue February 2007). Images from this is glamourous.

Maybe it's because I escaped from the dreary Swedish winter for a little bit - or maybe it's just that you can only have so much technicolor - but somehow these muted colours just looks really really fresh and exciting. I also really love the different textures - it's like you can almost feel them under your hands.

this is glamorous has lots of goodies on her site - I'll definitely be referencing it again!

Maybe it's not so much a departure, but more a sense of rejuvenation in patterns and objects colliding / mixed together - rather then bright colours - that is the theme.


{this is glamorous} said...

So glad you enjoyed this post--Muriel Brandolini is always inspiring, and that Martyn Thompson photograph is a long-time favourite.

Rare Autumn said...

i can definitely imagine why! i very very much enjoyed the post - and your blog as a whole!