Saturday, February 21, 2009

Artists’ Books by Lizanne van Essen.

Artists’ Books by Lizanne van Essen. Exhibition in the Artists' Books Study Area at the Library, School of Creative Arts, UWE Bristol (1st March-26 April 2009). Images from the exhibition website.

"I started out with a delight in books and the variety of shapes they could take, and this gradually led to the transformation of flat pages into 3D forms by cutting and folding. I initially sought to combine images and words, symbolising the conceptual basis of frustration and anger by frustrating the image – by fracturing it, and hindering an easy reading of the work - hinting at the concept with words, yet seeking to attract people to the negative subject matter rather than repel them. Symbolic bars and broken up images, such as the weeping eye, turned into geometric forms springing free from the restrictions of the flat covers."
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I must say I'm so tremendously impressed with her work and really look forward to seeing the exhibition in person.

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