Thursday, February 26, 2009

Svensk Fluxus = Swedish Fluxus.

Svensk Fluxus = Swedish Fluxus. By Bengt Af Klintberg. Rönnells Antikvariat, 2006. 128pp., illustrations, 25.5x22cm.

"Svensk Fluxus / Swedish Fluxus is the first comprehensive Swedish presentation of the international network of artists, composers and poets known as Fluxus. Richly illustrated with unique letters and photographs, this book gives a personal account of Fluxus and its offshoots in Sweden. Author Bengt af Klintberg has been the Swedish outpost of the network since taking part in the legendary Fluxus concerts of the 1960s."

This might be one of the most wonderful books I own. The Fluxus movement has been one of my favourite artistic expressions from a very very young age - and I'm still endlessly enriched by it!

This book was a wonderful birthday present some years ago from someone who knows me very well. A very late thank you!

As the book is in both English and Swedish you non-Swedes can enjoy it too! Contact Rönnels Antikvariat to order / where to order from.

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