Friday, February 20, 2009

obliterati specimen I.

obliterati specimen I. By Dana Milton. From the ""(ob)literati"" series, 2008. 5"w x 5"h x 7"d.

"There is a space between the subject and the object. It is a space held in an endless cycle. It is created, perceived, and repeated again and again. That repetition at once both educates and negates, and then recreates."

obliterati specimen I (in the series ""(ob)literati"") is made from "The Trial of Socrates" by Plato as well as Little Leather Library books c.1921 and Victorian era terrarium boxes. The pages have been "carefully and painstakingly folded and cut into shape (obliterated, if you will)."

Dana sent me a very sweet email and I just find her work beautiful!


jan said...

Oh, fun to see her work here!

Rare Autumn said...

hi jan, glad you thought so ...and i'm happy you've stopped by - i'm a big fan of poppytalk!