Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Route 36.

Route 36. Photographs by William Wylie. Flood Editions, 2010. 104 pp., illustrated throughout.

'Route 36' is a series of 54 photographs by photographer William Wylie documenting the area surrounding Route 36 - following its route across the Kansas prairie and "capturing the region's strong light and registering detailed textures within its vast spaces. Cottonwood trees, twisted by wind, break up the expanses, conveying a sense of scale and vertical life.

Typically, the images move between the dry, rolling landscape and stark, vertical structures. Buildings often present blank faces, abandoned without names or signage, former uses unspecified. They sometimes appear as depthless surfaces against the deep expanse of prairie.

Moving through the collection, we come to recognize this tension-between obsolescence and natural beauty - as characteristic of the region and its moment in history."
-- from the publisher's description.

To see more of William Wylie's work go here or here for example, and to view more photographs from inside this book go here.

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