Saturday, May 29, 2010

Symphonie diagonale

Viking Eggeling was a Swedish artist and film-maker of German decent, who's greatly influenced the area of experimental film.

In 'Symphonie diagonale' "paper cut-outs and then tin foil figures were photographed a frame at a time. Completed in 1924, the film was shown for the first time (privately) on November 5. On May 3, 1925 it was presented to the public in Germany; sixteen days later Eggeling died in Berlin."

In the film "the emphasis is on objectively analyzed movement rather than expressiveness on the surface patterning of lines into clearly defined movements, controlled by a mechanical, almost metronomic tempo.
Above all, a sober quality of rhythm articulation remains the most pronounced quality of the film."

Quotes from ubuweb.

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