Thursday, May 20, 2010

True North.

True North. Photographs by Tim White. Tim White, 2009. Unpaged, colour and black & white illustrations throughout, 10x11¼".

'True North' is a photography book by New Zealand photographer Tim White.

Over the course of four years he "travelled to the Far North of New Zealand documenting the lives of several families and community members in the area and their surrounding landscape.

White says he was originally attracted to this project because of the area's past reputation as the most 'Maori' place in New Zealand - a mysteriously spiritual place with a reputation of 'hopelessness'. But after spending years meeting and entering the lives of local people and families, White discovered this 'truth' turned out to be anything but."

To view more images from inside this book go here (you can also go here for more of Tim White's work).

There's also a limited edition of 'True North'. This edition is limited to 75 copies, which are "signed with authentication card, contains book, Whakarongomaikio DVD-R (PAL no region coding), A4 inkjet print (1 of 5 images) in a hand made box designed by NZ artist Mike Davison. Made to order".

Both quotes are from the publisher's description.

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