Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Maze. Photographs by Celine Clanet. photolucida, 2010. 80 pp., 52 illustrations.

'Maze' - a photo book by Celine Clanet - is a photo essay of the Sami people (the indigenous people of Sweden and other Nordic countries).

It deals with environmental, political and economic aspects of a people that has survived for thousands of years in extreme weather conditions and under colonisation and a marginalisation of their culture and heritage - an existent that has been precarious at most times.

Awen Jones says in the publisher's description of this book:

"The pictures of Céline Clanet seem to share a documentary vision and a conceptual approach.

This juxtaposition translates into one of her main concerns: the importance of time present.

For her, life consists of a succession of moments set firmly in the present, not events which occur or have occurred after a lapse of time, highlighted by some seminal event...she shows that action and contemplation, daydream and objective observation are all one, and go together as an integral part of life.

They can also, thankfully, generate sensations of wonderful serenity despite a sometimes hostile background."

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