Friday, June 11, 2010

The Plan.

The Plan. Photographs by Michael Schmelling. Text by Richard Maxwell. J&L Books, 2009. 576 pp., 490 black & white illustrations, 6¾x9".

The design of the book 'The Plan' by Michael Schmelling "takes its conceptual lead from its content, with 490 photographs on 576 pages. It takes its name from Disaster Masters’ toll-free number (1-800-THE PLAN).

The book is divided into twelve chapters, each documenting a different home. 'The Plan' is an arresting art object as well as a fascinating document of urban archaeology and psychology."

It was selected as one of photo-eye's Best Books of 2009 and a limited edition that includes "a choice of one of six 8x10' c-prints printed and signed by the artist" is also available (view print options here).

The book features photographs by Michael Schmelling, documenting 12 private residents visited by the photographer between 2003 and 2005 "in the company of 'Disaster Masters', a New York-based company specializing in cleaning up homes and counseling compulsive hoarders.

Featuring 490 photographs printed in black-and-white on 576 newsprint pages, this volume devotes one chapter to each home - producing an arresting art object and a fantastic document of urban archaeology and psychology."

First quote from J&L books ; second quote from publisher's description on photo-eye.

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