Friday, January 28, 2011

Archaeology in Reverse.

Archaeology in Reverse. Photographs by Stephen Gill. Nobody, London, 2007. Unpaged, 104 colour illustrations, 8½x8½". Images from photo-eye.

I really like the work of Stephen Gill. For more books featuring his work go here, here, here, here or here for example.

Book description:

"Continuing to photograph where his award-winning book 'Hackney Wick' left off, Stephen Gill has made 'Archaeology in Reverse' in his cherished area in East London.

Still making pictures with the camera he bought at Hackney Wick market for 50p, this time he focuses on things that do not yet exist.

This magnificently produced book features traces and clues of things to come in a poetic, sometimes eerie and quiet photographic study of a place in a state of limbo prior to the rapid transformation that this area faces during the build-up to the Olympics in 2012."

A special edition of 'Archaeology in Reverse' is available.

It's limited to an edition of 100 copies and is signed and numbered by Stephen Gill and Iain Sinclair. It includes a c-type print and comes in a salamander case.

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