Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fools on Hills.

Fools on Hills. Compiled and arranged by Till Gerhard. Decathlon Books, 2009. Unpaged, black & white illustrations throughout, 11x8½".

Book description:

" 'Fools on Hills' is a selection of black-and-white images spanning a number of decades and geographic locations, compiled and arranged by artist Till Gerhard.

The images are loosely predicated on the human need for magic and our incessant search for universal truth, focusing on historically recurring motifs of the isolated figure in the natural world, the bearded sage, the use of masks and costumes in performative rituals, the phallic and crystalline forms in religious architecture, and the power of mass hysteria.

The book is prefaced with an image of the Fool, a tarot card figure who simultaneously embodies the problematics of blind faith and the allure of magical thinking."

View the entire book here (video). More about Till Gerhard here, here or here for example.

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