Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LA Day/LA Night.

LA Day/LA Night. Photographs by Michael Light. Radius Books, 2011. 72 pp., two books in a Z-binding format, 34 duotone illustrations, 10½x16". Images from photo-eye.

Book description:

"Wih 'LA Day/LA Night', Radius Books continues photographer Michael Light’s ongoing aerial examination of the arid American West by bringing together two opposing views of the city in a double volume set.

'LA Day' stares directly into the sun, washing the metropolis in blasted, relentlessly specific light.

'LA Night' drifts over it in an ever-darkening electric dream, until the vast city below reverses and begins to signify the starry night sky vaulted above.

Referencing Ed Ruscha, Peter Alexander, Julius Schulman, and writers from Philip K. Dick to Raymond Chandler, 'LA Day/LA Night' continues Los Angeles’ rich cultural legacy of examining its favorite schizophrenic subject - itself."

I've previously featured the book 'Some Dry Space' by Michael Light.

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