Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All About: Crystals.

All About: Crystals. Words by Chris Hatherill, illustrations by Nicholas Burrows and William Edmonds, design by Hugh Frost. Landfill Editions and super/collider, 2011. 12pp., illustrated throughout, 15x20cm. Edition of 150 copies.

I'm pretty much a sucker for science, well-thought out concepts, men in felt hats/spies of a certain era-illustrations and all about/how to books or old school instruction manuals - meaning I'm excited about this series!

Book description:

"From crystal caves and ancient rituals to transistors and terrorists, CRYSTALS lurk everywhere - even outer space. Find out what makes a crystal grow, why they were worshiped and where to find the world’s largest specimens in this illustrated guide.

'All About: Science' is a new series from Landfill Editions and super/collider, exploring the myriad worlds of science through the eyes of contemporary image makers."

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