Monday, March 12, 2012

Unlimited Sobrassada.

Unlimited Sobrassada. Poetry by Jaume C. Pons Alorda, illustrations by Cristòfol Pons. English translation by Arthur Rippendorf, French translation by Annie Bats, Italian translation by Lucia Pietrelli and Spanish translation by Aina Villalonga. Atem Books (under the collection 'D’un present porpra'), 2011. Two books + a little book with translations., 76pp. + 24pp., illustrated throughout, 14,8x21cm. First edition: 100 hand-numbered copies.

I'm very fond of illustrated poetry (or poetry infused with/incorporated into other art forms) and this is a pretty nice example of that. Plus, getting a little book of translations is something I get really excited about.

Atem Books is a small independent publisher I've recently discovered through the excellent Indie Photobook Library.

Book description:

"We should be taught on loss
so this is human’s fate:
to lose everything."

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