Friday, January 05, 2007

"The Artist in His Studio" by Alexander Liberman

I've resently become aware of this book - guess it's one of these things when someone tells you about it and then someone else does straight afterwards, and a few days later you read about (the satoralist for example)... Feels a little bit odd that I didn't know it before, but I definately feel intrigued by what I've heard and seen! Seems to be randomenly out-of-print, but I will look out for it on my little trips to antiquarians or maybe the Strand Bookshop in NYC...

Alexander Liberman worked as Editorial Director at Conde Nast for over 30 years, thereby influencing the direction and creation of many of the magazines we have today. Parallell to this he was also a painter, sculpter, photographer and writer, being especially successful as a sculpter with work represented at the Museum of Modern Art in New York for example. I thought this gave you a good insight.

Editors Review of "The Artist in His Studio" from

"Displaying an artist's sensitivity, an editor's skill, and a camera's perceptive eye, Liberman's 1960 classic, The Artist in His Studio , presented a singular image of the great artists working in France during the 20th century. Twenty-eight years later, he offers a revised and expanded edition, strengthening his contribution to the world of art by adding material to some sections and enlarging the number of artists. Liberman's empathy and erudition, enhanced by fine reproduction quality, is exemplified by his intimate conversations with many of the artists, sensitive shots of the surroundings in which they created, and keen understanding of the creative process. Matisse's hand, a pensive Giacometti, the meticulous line of tools laid out by Braqueall are photographic witness to an intimacy pierced by the author's vision.
Paula Frosch, Metropolitan Museum Lib."

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