Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pattern by Tricia Guild

I was not alone in noticing this wonderful book when it came out (here in Stockholm it was referenced in almost every interior magazine).

I finally got hold of an English copy (which was really my Christmas present) and even though it was perhaps catering to too broad a taste for it to be as perfect as it could've been to me it definitely is very inspiring!

What I really really did like was how well and cleverly produced the book is! It's rare to see - and it definitely gave me no end of inspiration for some Rare Autumn books!

Tricia Guild founded Designer's Guild in London in the 1970's and has since been known for her amazing wallpapers, fabrics and interiors.

Editor review of "Pattern" from amazon.com:

"Tricia Guild is known for her bold fabric, wallpaper designs, and an extraordinary sense of color and pattern. Following the success of her books on color, she now shares her skills with patterns. The book draws on historical and global patterns. Woven or printed or embroidered, patterns inspire Tricia Guild as she uncovers their origins and explores the exotic. Any pattern can be appropriate for the right room—European checks and stripes, Asian silks and damasks, the Caribbean's vibrant ethnic prints, as well as contemporary abstract and geometric patterns. The book is divided into style sections: floral, painterly, geometric, classics, silks, and tropical. The author draws on examples from her own designs to demonstrate the impact pattern has on the energy and mood of a room and how to use pattern with confidence. Included at the end are colorboards with hints and tips for designing. With stunning, original photography and a text rich in insights from the designer's own experience, this is a must-have compendium for anyone interested in contemporary interior design."

PS. Googling Tricia Guild I also got the added bonus of finding a great blog called print & pattern

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