Friday, January 12, 2007

Bookmarks - annual project

The project Bookmarks: Infiltrating the Library System was set up - in the format of bookmarks - in 2004 to encourage interest and appreciation of bookart and artist's books and visits to libraries and places housing, teaching and promoting artist’s book.

selection from Bookmarks IV

"Since May 2004, the Bookmarks series of free, international artwork distribution have been at 46 venues in Italy, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Poland, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Cyprus, Australia, and the USA.
Over 150 artists have contributed more than 15,000 bookmarks to the four projects so far.
Bookmarks: Infiltrating the Library System's aim is to get more people to appreciate work in the format of the artist's book.
Participating artists who work in this format, have each generously produced an edition of 100 bookmarks to swap and give away."

selection from Bookmarks IV

The bookmarks have been made with a range of different methods such as hand drawing, photocopied, rubber stamped, folded, cut or sewn - and using mediums such as painting, photography, embroidery, knitting or digital print.

"The bookmarks are collated into sets, with one full set sent to each artist, and the rest divided and sent in these boxes to participating galleries, bookstores and libraries for free distribution. All of the bookmarks are archived in the gallery sections of the bookmarks websites, with contact details of the contributors."

selection from Bookmarks I

For participating artists for Bookmarks IV 2006-7 click here. For where you can pick up the bookmarks for this current project (until 20th February 2007) click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

If you want to take part in Bookmarks V (submissions by
15th July 2007) click here for more information.

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