Monday, January 22, 2007

Somewhere There's Music

Above pictures from "Somewhere There's Music" Photographs by Larry Fink. Essay by George Panichas. Damiani, Bologna, 2006. 160 pp., 80 duotone illustrations, 9½x11".

Photo-eye is a bookstore, gallery, auction site for books, and a book related magazine - and it's absolutely fantastic! It deals with photobooks only and it's content is vast, inspiring, thought through and spans many different areas within it's chosen medium.

What's so great is both the knowledge and in-depth feel for what's out there (I'm always pleasantly surprised finding books I otherwise would've missed) and the possibility to look through the before mentioned books on the site (thereby being reminiscent of seeing the actual book in a bookstore).

Besides this the photo-eye booklist (the international magazine for photography books), published four times a year, is an inspiration and invaluable guide to photography books.

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