Thursday, January 28, 2010

Everywhere - Gather Yourself - Stand.

Everywhere - Gather Yourself - Stand. Photographs by Yoshiko Seino. Osiris Co., Ltd., 2009. 72 pp., 48 color illustrations, 6¾x10¼".

'Everywhere - Gather Yourself - Stand' consists of 48 recent photographs taken with a 35 mm camera by photographer Seino Yoshiko.

As Seino Yoshiko sadly pasted away in May 2009 at the age of 46 this book became her last work. She had previously published the book 'The Sign of Life', which consisted mostly of landscape photographs taken with a a medium-format camera.

'Everywhere - Gather Yourself - Stand' was co-edited and titled by Yoshiko herself , with the title originating from a poem by Paul Celan.

The co-editor Yoko Sawada from publisher Osiris says:
"It might be difficult to categorize her photographs according to the established framework, but I think her works are surely in a stream of Japanese contemporary photography which has emerged from the non-Western way of thinking."

You can read a review of 'Everywhere - Gather Yourself - Stand' by Charles Dee Mitchell in photoeye Magazine.

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