Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Wind. Photographs by Jungjin Lee. Text by Vicki Goldberg, Eugenia Parry. Aperture/Sepia, New York, 2009. 112 pp., 45 duotone illustrations, 10x11".

" 'Wind' showcases the most recent work of the widely acclaimed and exhibited Korean photographer Jungjin Lee.

Known for her laborious and textured photographic process, Lee brushes liquid emulsion onto the surface of handmade rice paper, endowing her images with a uniquely painterly effect.

'Wind' captures the ethereal quality of the element in a series of landscapes dominated by windswept expanses and atmospherically foreboding cloud formations - panoramas that reveal an adventurous spirit, yet resist casual entry.

Manmade objects, such as a dilapidated school bus or windblown prayer flags, all appear deeply inscribed by an invisible hand that runs through the entire corpus of this volume, leaving evidence of its handiwork on all surfaces.

Lee’s landscapes are imbued with an elemental vastness that strikes us as at once powerful and serene."

Beautiful, poignant, textured, etch-like photographs from this acclaimed Korean photographer. The layout of the book enhances the work, and doesn't compete with it. Wonderful!

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