Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not in Fashion.

Not in Fashion. Photographs by Mark Borthwick. Rizzoli Publishers, New York, 2009. Unpaged, Over 200 illustrations, 9x11".

Mark Borthwick is a fashion photographer first emerging in the 1990's, who's work is perhaps slightly different to what many expect fashion photography to be.

He has developed a personal and intuitive style, which incorporates elements of architecture and design in his pictures, often turning what would've been a static photo into a performance.

"His work is about the movement of the model, and the serendipity of accidental clutter is as important to his images as the garments.

This book showcases over 200 images from Borthwick’s best fashion editorials, celebrity portraits, and advertising work, as well as excerpts from his personal journals.

The journal pages, consisting of Polaroids, sketches, and notes on shoots, reveal the workings of a photographer’s mind - the 'behind the scenes' of the makings of a fashion image."

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