Saturday, January 09, 2010

Parks and Trees.

Parks and Trees. Photographs by Eugene Atget and Lee Friedlander. Galerie Thomas Zander, 2008. 30 pp., 26 duotone illustrations, 11¾x9¾".

"Parallel to the current Lee Friedlander exhibition 'A Ramble in Olmsted Parks' at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Galerie Thomas Zander is presenting 'Parks and Trees' - a selection of photographs by Eugène Atget and Lee Friedlander.

The unique opportunity of acquiring original prints by Eugène Atget from the Abbott-Levy Collection at The Museum of Modern Art in New York presented the occasion for this exhibition.

With impressive b/w images of park landscapes, forests and floral still lifes, photographs from the realm of nature will be shown, a theme to which both Atget and Friedlander devoted considerable attention in their later work."

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