Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Der Baum.

Der Baum. Photographs by Erik van der Weijde. 4478ZINE, 2010. 48 pp., black & white illustrations throughout, 6¾x9½".

I very much like the work of photographer Erik Van der Weijde and have previously featured the wonderful book 'Superquadra' featuring his photographs.

The book 'Der Baum' (the title meaning 'the tree') is partly inspired by a German photography book of the same title that was published in 1931.

Erik Van der Weijde's book 'Der Baum' "features 44 photographs of trees taken by Van der Weijde in recent years.

The tree's locations range from historical sites like Hitler's elementary school and the scenes of famous crimes, to unidentified places that give rise to oblique atmospheres and titles such as 'School', 'Road' and 'Park'.

As in his other publications, Van der Weijde deals in typological representations that explore the photo book itself as an object."

Also have a look at this movie showing each page of the book.

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