Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In the Places of the Spirits.

In the Places of the Spirits. Photographs by David Grant Noble; foreword by N. Scott Momaday. SAR Press, 2010.

A beautiful title and some beautiful black and white landscape photography of the American Southwest.

Book description:

"This book represents the culmination of David Grant Noble’s forty-year career as a fine arts photographer and writer. It features seventy-six duotone plates and five additional photos of the land, people, and deep past of the Southwest, most published here for the first time.

Accompanying these beautiful images are personal reflections interwoven with historical and anthropological information. The moving passages reveal much about the man and the magnificent land that inspires his artistry.

'The places we know,' Noble writes, 'can be infused with memory and spirit, and landscapes can have soul.

The stories contained may speak of creation, gods, mythic monsters, and heroes. They may hold narratives reminding us of triumphs and defeats, sorrows and joys.

A place is more than a landform or an ecosystem; it has the capacity to evoke emotion, transmit knowledge and wisdom, and even show people how to live.' "

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