Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Murmuration. Photographs by Rinko Kawauchi. Photoworks, 2010. 64 pp., colour illustrations throughout, 6½x8". Images from photo-eye.

The book 'Murmuration' features work by renowned Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi. It was commissioned by Photoworks and made for the Brighton Photo Biennial 2010: New Documents (curated by photographer Martin Parr).

Kawauchi is known for photographs that "capture the beauty of the everyday, [and she] gained international acclaim for her photography books Utatane, Hanabi and Hanako.

Invited to make new work about Brighton, Kawauchi was immediately drawn to the spectacle of flocking starlings at Brighton Pier.

Here during the winter months at dusk, the birds gather in tens of thousands, wheeling around to create a mesmerizing cloud called a murmuration.
Kawauchi is fascinated by the ephemeral nature of this phenomenon and, continuing with the theme of the flock, she has also trailed groups of people through the city."

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