Monday, November 08, 2010


Kodachromes. Photographs by William Christenberry. Aperture, 2010. 176 pp., 115 colour illustrations, 9½x11½".

'Kodachromes' is American photographer William Christenberry's "first publication to showcase the artist's stunning and previously unknown body of work produced with 35 mm Kodachrome slide film. Spanning from 1964 to 2007, only a small number of the images have ever been published or exhibited.

As in all of Christenberry's photographs, the subject matter is the rural Deep South: the twisting back roads, open landscapes, rusted signage, and ramshackle vernacular architecture found in Hale County, Alabama where the artist was born and raised.

Though many of the sites pictured in this rare collection are new, other subjects grew iconic in Christenberry's oeuvre as he has returned to photograph them for decades - the red building in the forest, Sprott Church, the Palmist Sign, and the Bar-B-Q Inn, among others.

However, the photographs in 'William Christenberry: Kodachromes', made with a camera that allowed for greater mobility, reveal new ways of considering Christenberry's perennial subjects and offer further insight into the working method of this venerable artist.

With the recent discontinuation of Kodachrome film by Kodak, the work in this beautiful volume is rendered even more meaningful."

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