Friday, May 27, 2011


Oceanscapes. Photographs by Renate Aller. Radius Books, 2010. 96 pp., 47 colour illustrations, 10x13". Images from photo-eye.

Book description:

"German born photographer Renate Aller has been photographing the Atlantic Ocean for over a decade from a single point on the fabled Hamptons’ coastline.

Her images capture the infinitely shifting colors and textures of the sky and water, and the beauty and grandeur of the ocean, providing a rich document of what has drawn people to this area for generations.

Aller's viewpoint is static, but the changing weather and light allow for a diverse series of images that open up a vast 'visual library' of memories and associations."

A limited edition of 'Oceanscapes' is also available. It "includes a signed and numbered color archival pigment print mounted to Diasec with a book in a plexiglass box. Limited to 25 copies."

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