Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Silver Lining.

The Silver Lining. By Misha Hollenbach. Decathlon Books, 2011. 72 pp., illustrated throughout, includes a a double-sided poster, 8½x11".

I really like Decathlon Books' series of ten books by artists, photographers and designers they find interesting - from which I've previously featured Fools on Hills and Parking Lot Hydra.

Book description:

"The eighth title in Decathlon’s ongoing exploration of the weird and wonderful comes courtesy of Melbourne-based artist Misha Hollenbach. No stranger to the form, Hollenbach co-runs P.A.M. Books and is part of multimedia collective The Changes.

'The Silver Lining' is primarily a collection of collages, cut-ups from a variety contemporary detritus reconfigured as a delirious, erotically-charged bad trip.

The best images here could also function as sketches for sculptural assemblages. It comes with a double-sided color poster on newsprint - psilocybin not included."

View the entire 'The Silver Lining' here (video). More Misha Hollenbach here, here, here.

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