Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Strange Attractor Journal Four.

Strange Attractor Journal Four. Edited by Mark Pilkington, numerous contributors. Strange Attractor, 2011. 320pp., illustrated, 21x14,8cm.

This journal is really excellent! I found it at the ICA (London) where Strange Attractor also have been having weekly talks.

UPDATE: Strange Attractor Salon continues until May 15th so don't miss going done to the ICA!

About this edition, "the eagerly awaited fourth edition of the acclaimed anthology series":

"From Haiti and Hong Kong to the fourth dimension and beyond: discover the secrets of madness in animals; voodoo soul and dub music; ancient peacock deities; Chinese poisoning cults; the history of spider silk weaving; heathen mugwort magic; sentient lightning; Jesuit conspiracy theories; junkie explorers; Dali’s Atlantis; the resurgence of Pan (in London’s Crouch End); anarchist pirates on Madagascar; an ancient Greek Rip Van Winkle; French anatomical waxworks; Arthur Machen’s forgotten tales and the full text of Alan Moore’s unfinished John Dee opera.

Featuring written and visual contributions from:

Richard Barnett, Mark Blacklock, John Cussans, Erik Davis, Paul Devereux, Roger Dobson, Joanna Ebenstein, Stephen Grasso, Gyrus, Ken Hollings, Mike Jay, Phil Legard, David Luke, Eleanor Morgan, Alan Moore, Steve Moore, Michael Neve, Andy Sharp, Robert Wallis, Sean Walsh.

Artwork by: Joel Biroco, Julian House, Phil Legard, Eleanor Morgan, Arik Roper & Nathalie Tayton."

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