Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Revolutionary Middle-Class.

Revolutionary Middle-Class. Photographs by A.C. Kupper. Edition Patrick Frey, 2010. 112 pp., 58 black & white and colour illustrations, 10x13¾". Images from photo-eye and Edition Patrick Frey.

Book description:

"A.C. Kupper collects pictures, both his own and those of others. There is an inexhaustible source of material available through the Internet, where private spheres are publicly accessible, and through the wealth of illustrations in books, printed matter and film, and the artist’s own photographs. The new pictures that the artist creates from this convey are a vision of mutation and a sense of gradual alienation. Kupper’s laconic humor, the aesthetic compositions and the soft stroke reminiscent of painting, impart a more vivid picture and a less-promising future.

In 'Revolutionäre Mittelklasse' ['Revolutionary Middle-Class'], the modern individual appears as a person with no identity, genderless and without a past. The disfigured faces seem eerie, their tragedy unintentionally funny and hollow. The gender attributes of men and women, physical and intellectual, multiply into a functionality that is geared toward efficiency.

A.C. Kupper’s imagery spreads the vision of a moronic society that has lost its humanness, its passion, and its sexual identity. A.C. Kupper’s large-size photographs are aesthetic and carefully composed.

The artist uses cultural codes and striking symbols that have long been lost to the mainstream. The middle-class, as the norm, is the disturbing pessimistic vision of a future world without pain. The middle-class revolution is the affliction of a propagated normality that never existed."

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